Winter Paddling Gloves

I got some money on Christmas to pick out a pair of winter paddling gloves to use for both canoeing and kayaking. The following are a couple links to gloves that I have found in local stores (Michigan):



How do these two pairs compare to eachother? How do they compare to other gloves on the market?

budget= $40

I got NRS “Rapid Gloves”…
…I got a pair of NRS “Rapid Gloves”. I used them when the water and air were both in the very low 40 degrees. My hands were nice and warm, and the 1.5 mm neoprene cushioned the grip nicely too.

… The gloves also have a non slip rubber pattern on the palm and fingers, so you can hold the paddle well.

… For $22.95, I thought they did a great job at those air/water temperatures!

Happy New Year!

2003 NRS Rawhide 3.5 Gloves – on sale
Your link shows them on sale for $19.95, so I grabbed a pair? I realize they are a 2003 model – are they even made anymore – so I hope I don’t regret it even at that price.


Should Be Fine…
as long as you don’t get them wet regularly. If so, all bets are off. Your fingers will get cold.

Forget using a GP (I am not sure if you among those testing a possible conversion), unless you are super conscious about not dipping your hands in the water. Another reason why I prefer the nordic blues. Each stroke my hand is immersed.


Do A Search On Chotas
I think I’ve seen mixed reviews on these.

The NRS model you looking at is pretty good. The outer surface lacks the usual nylon facing that leads to evaporative cooling and colder hands. It’s pretty good pair of paddling gloves.


cheap neoprene fishing gloves

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($9)work as well as long as ya don't dunk em. Am gonna line em this year with waterproof sealskins gloves for an xtra layer.

the real deal

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With some care and time you can have drygloves similar to nordic blues for your budget. NOrdic blu uses atlas 490's and 495's

From redden marine atlas 495's (I think that is the model with the removable liner which is optimal). They should be available even though they are not on the website. if you do this you must get the 490's or 495s they are sized for a liner Call redden up.

Then some wrist gaskets fron OS systems in small medium or large They come in sizes, order the right size.

aquaseal from you local shop. Use the repair instructions on the kokatat website to put them together. Then you have a dryglove.

Look under customer service/ then care and feeding, wrist gaskets. The seal goes on the outside of the glove.

Sealskins have never worked for me but some folks swear by them. go figure. I bought the first and second generation and returned them to the outdoor store I boutght them from. I was totally unsatisfied.

You might want to use liners that you have already. Or you can use the slightly heavy liners from the atlas gloves

This will get you a real glove that is good when it's cold for right about your budget. Your hands will stay warm and dry. If you capsize with this glove it will not be a finger-threatening emergency.

Of course capsizing in michigan without a drysuit in 40 degree water can easily kill so behave appropriately.

NRS Reactors
I bought a pair this fall and they are plenty warm even in this cold WW! 3mm neo with a TIcoat weave -mircoplush lined. The big plus is the outsde coating on the gloves that keep the wind off even when they’re wet - having the fingers precurved helps keep a easy grip on your paddle , helping with blood circulation in your fingers. They are $36.95 plus shipping


Don’t spend more than $20 on neo
I’ve owned several pairs of neoprene gloves and I can honestly say that none of the more expensive gloves I’ve owned (Chota, NRS, etc.) perform any better or last any longer than the $15 Stearns gloves. Sea Kayaker did a glove review a couple of years back and they like the Stearns best of all the gloves they tested. They were right. They work as well as any neoprene glove can and they’re a bargain. If you want a bit of extra protection, they’re available in an elbow length model for an extra 5 bucks.

Buying For Fit…
cheaper brands don’t seem to come in smaller sizes. Loose fitting neo gloves are useless.


Get Pogies
I to have tried many, many neo gloves from cheap Wal-Mart numbers to expensive NRS models. Couldn’t tell much difference. I paddled New Years Day, air temp +9F water 35F. I was wearing my new NRS Hydroskin gloves ($32 )Brrrr! The gloves got splashed and my hands got wet and COLD. I took them off and put them under the bungees and put my Snap Dragon Pogies on my paddle loom. Problem solved. I completed my paddle in relative comfort. My hands were’nt warm but they were’nt cold either. The expensive gloves were frozen to the deck when I finished and I had to take the kayak into the house to thaw out :slight_smile:

toaster clamps
My NRS toaster mitts in M are the proper hand size, but the elastic opening is so tight thatit’s not only hard to get on . . my hands gets numb.

You’re right

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The Stearns gloves do come in a size Small, but I don't know if it would fit your or not. If they fit, they're the best bargain in gloves on the market. If you need an Extra Small, I guess you'll have to pony up some extra bucks.

glacier gloves
are warm and toasty but the neoprene leads to a loss in dexterity. We did a rescue in the ocean last week with the water temp just below freezing. Its a little difficult to clamp on gate hooks or bieners for rescue gear and tow equipment. I dont use pogies because I dont like them and you cant help someone else with them on. However they are a warm place to return to. I use a sliding Greenland stroke and my hands are all over the blade and pogies simply dont allow me the freedom of movement I like.

You might think of an OR overmitt over a fleece glove or mitten. However they are not watertight if you are in the water.

Seconding Reactors
I’ve got a pair and they are pretty great.

NRS has last year’s on sale. I bought mine last year (as the previous year’s model) on sale.

They are the warmest paddling gloves I’ve found.

NRS Reactor
I’ve had my NRS Reactor gloves for a several months and I think they are great. I would like to suggust that you do not buy them online. Instead, call the 1-800 number and talk to the sales people because they will help you get a perfect size. They are incredibly paitent and really know what you need. Beyond that, they don’t try to get you off the phone as quickly as possible so you can relax and ask questions.