Winter paddling hot spots

I am looking for southern US locations with active paddling groups in Jan and Feb.
Flat water, steams to class 2, outrigger canoe are all on the menue. Suggestions?

Launching on the Rainbow river Dunnello FL, in the morning. Out and back 12 miles total trip. From the city ramp. Lunch at the Blue Gator afterwards. Florida Sea Kayak Association, 12 paddlers.

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Not sure if by south you really mean southeast, but southern California has a group that paddles year round. California Kayak Friends

Here in NorCal we also paddle year round, but usually in dry suits.

Adventures in Florida meet up group, in the Orlando area, paddles year round.


PeterJ , if you ain’t here in the discussion I’m not talking.

We are retired, mobile and flexible so anywhere from Florida through Texas to Calif would be of interest.

For NE Florida …go to Meet Up .com. search ,
“FSK-Me”…Florida Sea Kayak Association
“Florida Sport Paddlers”
These are real clubs that use Meet Up for scheduling. Search the past trips , see pictures and you will get a picture of where and what they do with the kind of boats.

Your area is way too big for any specifics on paddle places.

Adventures in Florida is basically an outfitter that arranged, goes on two venues. A. His pure business trips …B. Meet Up trips for fun. Greg is a good guy.

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Thanks, Overstreet, Meetup may bejust the key I needed.

Hello, overstreet. I live in the Orlando area and have just purchased an ascend 12t! Looking to find person or people to paddle safely with! You mentioned florida sea kayak group-can I get contact information of these people or any others you may know willing to help me! I have experience in paddling, but only on day trips with family! Thanks for any help you may give!!

ClankFoot…this applies to you as well. Note these are real clubs that use Meet Up as a scheduling web site… FSK-Me is the Florida Sea Kayak Association meet up name…abbreviations and all. Orlando is a little out of FSKA area. We do have some Dannellen members but there isn’t much FSKA activities there. Florida sport paddlers are somewhere between Palm Coast and Daytona.

Adventures in Florida is a Meet Up run by outfitter Greg Pflug from Orlando. Its a little strange maybe but he has a lot of paddle trips with meet up for many $$ less. ie cost than his outfitting company trips . . He does plenty of biolumensent trips for the tourists but other he might sponsor a 4 day trip to say … florida Caverns State park. Do tent camping with shared food preparations teams. With daily paddles on the Chipola River in the panhandle. He and his guides also do paddle events in some of the lakes in Orlando. He’s a good guy

Another choice for you might be Slackers…… They are west of Orlando and some what laid back…hence the name…Simply Laidback Adventures Campers…etc. Your 12ft boat might fit in there better.

The Village Kayak club is all retired folks from the villages. Very organized, laid back and good people. Too laid back for me to paddle with but good for beginners.

I don’t know any of the other Central Florida kayak clubs off hand.

Prince William Sound, Resurrection Bay and Kachemak Bay are all awesome in Winter. Southern part of Alaska

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:cloud_with_snow: perhaps to some

If we were not in the midst of a pandemic I would be heading for the Virgin Islands (US or British) for winter paddling.