Winter pool kayak practice locations in & around NYC?

Can anyone recommend winter kayak pool practice locations for rescues and rolls in and around NYC this winter? By around NYC I’d say within 2 hours drive, preferably less than 1.5 hours.

KCCNY will be hosting pool sessions all winter in Garfield, NJ. Check the KCCNY website for details.

Thank you, heard about them. It’s great they’re hosting the sessions. The only downside is that each one is limited to two hours - wish it were longer.

That is a pretty good chunk of time. I doubt you can find a longer time for pool practice. Quite simply, pool time is in high demand and costly, especially during the colder seasons.


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Ask Marshall at

Who knows with all this COVID crap if schools still rent pools.

That’d be

There’s a pool session running in Newtown CT which at that 2 hour edge. I don’t have a local one running this season. Perhaps next winter.

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I find if I use the pool for practicing rescues or rolls, an hour is usually more than enough. Rescues and rolls take a lot of energy out of a person, so longer times don;t get much.


Not sure if this is current and running but they respond to email promptly.

NACK group on Long Island usually has sessions. Covid probably killed it in schools here.

They even shut down lavatories in some schools. Kids are sitting in classrooms in pain or on a line for 20 minutes missing class. Supposed reason is so they don’t want them to gather in the bathrooms. Insanity!

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The group @Marshall recommended which I went to and had a great time at, I believe they are called “Kayaking the Liquid Skies” on Meetup. Strong possibility there will be pool sessions with Sea Kayak CT, David McPherson hasn’t officially released dates for it yet. Kayak Waveology is also doing great stuff but they are a bit far for me and probably also you.

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