winter project-painting paddle

-- Last Updated: Jan-31-08 3:35 PM EST --

my daughter's wood paddle (grey owl dragonfly) turned out to be so popular among guests that the varnished blades got pretty beat up- lots of oyster shells here- so much so that i doubt that i can sand below the scars to revarnish it.
i'm thinking about painting the blades and oiling the shaft. any suggestions as to how the blades should be painted?

anyone have a pic of Hap’s bentshaft?

In general, thorough sanding, fill
serious dents. Then use an oil-based or epoxy paint designed for water exposure. I hope you won’t need more than a couple of coats, with sanding between coats.

As for the shaft, I prefer a “dry” oil like Minwax 209. Easier on the hands. You will need many coats.

Personally, I would use varnish for the whole mess. If you don’t want to sand out those nicked areas, just fill them with some wood-toned filler, and then proceed with normal varnishing technique. A good, hard varnish can be wet-sanded once thoroughly dry to give better hand purchase on the shaft.

Oh Danny Boy, th’paddle needs some paint…

But Danny Boy, you got it lucky, friend,

What I gotta paint would make you faint:

Today, I get up on the roof & continue to paint, something like a thousand plus square feet of cement tile.

Trade ya! Nice thing is it should be in the mid-upper 70s, maybe even 80, nice and sunny and bright with a mild breeze.

Boy, in weather like THIS, would I EVER rather be out on the water and in my new boat to


-Frank in Miami