winter project

Hey all and Merry Christmas to all,

this is my first post , but wanted to share

I have just started my first build project of my first kayak . the kit a WATERS DANCING 16XL

check it out

just wanted to know if there are any tricks or custom that others have done that may be of help


A great winter project. First tip,

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don't be afraid of it. Wood , glass and epoxy are very forgiving.
Follow the epoxy instructions to the letter.
***Vinegar removes uncured epoxy.
You generally have more working time than you think.
If the epoxy starts to get warm - stop!I always wanted to use every drop, but do-overs are not fun.
Get a paint scraper for dried epoxy removal.
Clean up rough spots while they are wet.It's a lot easier than when they are dry.
Get lots of disposable latex or nitrile gloves.
Designate a set of clothes for the job.

2nd tip…
Well, not really, more like a request: Please keep us updated on your progress!

building board

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Good lighting is important. If your building space doesn't have good light, get a couple of inexpensive 4-ft flourescent fixtures and hang them up. Trying to do good work in bad light is no fun.

winter project
well I first want to thank all for the info

the staff has been awsome . like I said I am totaly new and dont have a clue....<br /> the have a getting an understanding course at the shop and we bring in the seat go get an idea of what we are up against.<br /> now Im not nearly as stressed lol

is there a spot on here where I can post pics?

so the seat is stitched , glued and ready for glass. the hull is sanded … and ready to be glued together…

I am finding that the parts are well labled and the manual is to the tee I read through it twice .just to get a good understanding… will keep posting…thanks to all