Winter storage of Eddyline


I lost my spot in the barn I usually stash my Eddyline. Does anyone just stash theirs outside in the winter? I am thinking of placing it in a rack under my deck. It is cold but for the most part dry. I would then cover it with a tarp. what do you think? BTW I live in NE VT.


Two of ours
Glass boats, live outside under the deck on slings in the winter. No problem. - just shake off the snow when there’s a sunny day and open water for a paddle.

true for fiberglass
which is why we have fiberglass windows, boats and other things built for outdoor use in northern climes. And there are automotive plastics and parts for garage doors,traffic signals, etc which are up to the task in all kinds of severe weather.

There are certain plastics, extruded more thinly to save weight, which become brittle and less resistant to impact damage after prolonged exposure to below freezing temperatures.

So a kayak of thermoformed plastic that is stored dry in those temps, and then goes into very cold waters (mid 30s - mid 40s) might crack or puncture more easily.

Never having seen a material data sheet for Eddyline’s plastic, I am not saying this applies to an Eddyline. However, if it did I’d sure want to know.

If it were my boat, I’d check with Eddyline owners in your area and see how outdoor storage worked for them.

I won’t be putting it in the water
this winter- only storing it until xc ski season is over and the water becomes ‘soft’ again. I think I have Tom’s e-mail around here somewhere perhaps going right to Eddyline would be the ticket.

cold dry storage
and protected… sounds right but let us know what Eddyline recommends. FWIW I live in SE Michigan and have a thermoformed kayak by Hurricane Aquasports.

When I emailed them last Dec with pretty much the same question as yours they recommended that I avoid storing outside in below freezing temps and THEN putting in to very cold waters.

As it turned out my pretty little TampicoS spent the winter in my living room. Used it weekly in very cold waters in January and March out here with no problems, but then I don’t remember crashing into anything :smiley:

I live in Northern NH…
and I store my Eddyline in the unheated garage on racks against the wall. It’s pretty much the same temp as the outdoors. I would think you’d be fine storing under the deck with a tarp over it. I too worry that the material becomes brittle in cold temps so I make sure that nothing touches it during the winter months as a precaution. I don’t know for sure that this particular composite material becomes brittle in extreme cold but I don’t want to take any chances. I’ve seen what can happen with some composites and it’s not pretty.