Winter Storage Question

Hey everyone,

I have 2 Native Watercraft fishing kayaks with peddle drive. Storing the yaks themselves is not an issue as I hang them up in my garage but I wonder about the peddle drives as well as the seats. Here in NH, its not uncommon to see negative 0 temps one day and then see above freezing temps a day or two later. As a result, condensation happens and some metal parts can develop surface rust and pitting. Has anyone had this happen? This is the first winter that I have owned them so I haven’t and I hope to avoid it so I ask, does it make more sense to store the items in question in a more stable environment, like my basement, or am I just worried for no reason.

Thanks for the input—Jay

Spray with WD40 oil evaporates so do it bi monthly.

Get a can of Boeshield T-9 and apply it to the peddle drives and metal parts. Available at marine stores and good hardware stores.


Some bike shops stock the T-9 also. Lately I have only been able to find it at REI (I use it to lubricate the aircraft aluminum frames of my folding kayaks and on the gears of my bikes.) More durable than other lubricants, doesn’t affect plastics nor leave a sticky residue.

Thanks for the suggestions. I actually found it on Amazon…how often should it be applied over the season?

Once if it’s not exposed to rain.