Winter/Summer Water Shoes

Are there any decent looking waterproof boots that would work well in summer and winter (down to about 40 deg F), mid-height (not over the calf), and inexpensive (

NRS had a big assortment of water shoes.

WP boots
Look at Teva and Chota. They make paddling footwear. I don’t about decent looking? VF

Muck Boots
We have been wearing Muck Boots for a few years in fall and summer; then again there isn’t much difference in temperature between our winter and summer.

Zippered ankle high
I have a pair of NRS’s basic water shoes that come up over the ankle and are zippered and Chota has a very similar shoe. I got them a half a size or so big, so they stay on my feet in warmer weather but I can squeeze drysuit socks and thick wool socks under them in winter. Not as good for winter as muckluks in terms of warmth, but for the money this category of shoe does quite well for year-round use.