wireless laptops

Hi, has anyone used wireless laptops in the bwca? we are looking to do some live streaming up in the bwca in february? Has anyone done this? portable satelites? any information would be great… thanks… queticogal

My understanding is
that Wireless coverage is still spotty nationwide.


i think either
sprint or verizon (both?) is pusing their wireless internet these days.

see if either of them even have phone converage up there and if so look into how well they provide wireless internet service.

anywhere you can get verizon coverage
you cna get internet coverage at about twice the speed of dial up. Forget the card thing it’s BS go with a cable to hook up your phone to your laptop using USB you’ll be really happy you did. Much better range!

except in san diego and a few other cities where they offer a cell to internet service half as fast as cable. Then the card would be faster.

Source for cable:


and I doubt you’ll get any service up there.

will check into all these options and some suggestions on other boards… greatly appreciated…