Wireless Trigger for Digital Cam

This is somewhat inspired by a couple of digital camera threads.

Does anyone know of digital camera with external wireless or even wired trigger?

I am aware that dSLRs usually have them as accessories, but what about their cheaper cousins?

check Olympus models
My old (by digital standards) Olympus D-40 came with a wireless remote and I think some of the newer Olympus models have that also.

If your camera can use the CDHK software (a hack, but really safe and fairly robust), I think you can build a cheap, USB cable trigger for most cameras.


no USB
I was contemplating trigger for the outdoor use - hell or high water.

Even though I could use something like Gumstix or micro controller with USB stack, I’d rather not - that is one big layer of complexity.

wireless remote
checkout leo laporte (the tech guy) this guy is amazing. just do a google search.you can stream his show or download the podcast.he covers everything electronic. he’ll even give stuff away sometimes. he has a part of the show where you can call in. anyhow i’m sure you can email him, and he’ll come up with something. i listen to his podcast while kayaking around.i have alot of a-huh moments listening to this guy.

good luck and keep us posted.

Canon S1-IS
I can use wireless if I ever buy one.

Got it - the newer Canons do have remotes.

I have older Optio, w30 I think. Saw interesting older setup with air pressure activated shutter release, might actually work.

My Canon EOS Rebel xti
Has a wireless remote. RC-1 or RC-5 optional. Up to 16 feet directly in front of lens. I’m sure there are plenty of others.

interval shots
What most paddlers seem to do is set the camera up and then used the interval shots feature(say a picture every 10 seconds). You will get lots of useless pictures, but hopefully some gems. Being digital, you can delete the pictures that don’t show anything of interest.

I checked my Pentax Optio W20, and it looks like 10 seconds is the shortest interval it does. With a 2 gig card and each file taking up about 2 meg, it looks like I could do 1000 shots (or a photo every 10 seconds for over 2.5 hours).

I wonder
if it would be more practical to leave the camera on video mode and take snapshots from the video rather than taking a shot every 10 seconds? I know image quality won’t be the same but you might end up with some keeper footage rather than hundreds of dull photos.

could work
Could work, but you lose resolution. And can’t get as much video. At the video resolutions I do, I would get less than an hour on a 2 gig card.

If the camera being used has a view screen, then the limiting factor would be battery life. Video seems to chew through batteries quickly.

Resolution will definitely go to the crapper.

Some battery life can probably be extended by playing with the backlighting.

partially true for stills from video
I have been using my Olympus SW1030 for making videos on water with OK results (example http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkkO2B5RMnU&feature=channel_page) but somebody else has to triggers the camera and shut it off.

I have used some frames of the movie with rather poor results (example http://www.flickr.com/photos/gnarlydog/3345029105/in/set-72157600524255302/).

But that is all shot on a 640X480 resolution.

There is a new waterproof camera on the block: the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS1. The camera can shoot movies at 1280X720 which is double the resolution of most other waterproof cameras.

Needless to say that a freeze frame from a movie of the Lumix will be of acceptable quality (for me).

One problem: how do I justify buying the Lumix since I already have 3 waterproof Olympus cameras!..

There is always a camera on the market that does exactly what is required, unfortunately justifying the purchase and shelling out the money from “non sponsored” budget is less desired.