Wisconsin canoe in BWCA

I live in Wisconsin, where a canoe only needs to be registered if you put a motor on it.

A friend of mine wants to borrow one of my canoe’s for a Boundary Waters trip next month and I need to know if registration is required from either Wisconsin or Mn.



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MN requires a license either from MN or any other state that licenses boats.

Minnesota sucks
Yes, you have to register your canoe for $40 unless you have it registered in Wisconsin. This is one reason Minnesota sucks.

Wisconsin does not require registration for non-motorized canoes or kayaks. HOWEVER, you can register it voluntarily for $11.00 which is good for three years. Screw the Minnesota pick-pockets. Register your canoe in Wisconsin for $11.00, then go to Minnesota.

What are the odds of poaching?
When I ran the St.Croix sans permit along the border, there was no one checking me for stickers when I was along the Minnesota side.

Just do it.

About 0. Squads of rangers at EP’s

state rangers, or federal? Hard to see
why feds would or could concern themselves with whether a canoe has a state sticker. Almost an illegal concern.

But I can sneak onto the BWCA from my uncle’s place on a lake near Ely, and never see a ranger.

It’s a border water

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So the registration bit does not apply for MN/WI residents. Just like I can fish anywhere on the St. Croix w/o a WI license.

They enforce all regs that apply or will report it to someone who does.

A canoe only costs $21 to register.

They got me
I was paddling the Minnesota river near Mankato last weekend and got busted with a couple cedar strips that I built but haven’t registered yet. First time it’s happened to me but I guess it shows that it can happen.


MN DNR looks also
we got stopped once on Seagull Lake by DNR - they check for fishing licenses and the registration. teh DNR does patrol the boundary waters some.

silly MN is now requiring an invasive sticker for your boat trailer, even if you are just driving it from WI to ND - not legal, but that’s what they are doing - not sure if that is 2014 or starting in 2015

Get a WI one and be safe. We got checked deep in BW once by DNR and one WI canoe had no REG sticker. The officer did not like it and was not quite sure on how to handle it.He let it slide tho.

Only?!? I own a dozen boats.
If I were unfortunate enough to live in MInnesota, that would be about $250 up front. And I can only use one at a time.

Come down to Georgia and paddle for free.