Wisconsin Dells?

I’m interested in a weekend of flatwater paddling around the Wisconsin Dells area. Where to put in/take out on the river? Good sights to see? I don’t want to join up with an outfitter… just doing it on our own. Thanks. Kathy

Mirror Lake
You might want to try Mirror Lake. There are a few access points. We put in at Mirror Lake State Park. There is no wake laws on this lake so it is paddler friendly. I understand you can portage around the dam and paddlre into Lake Delton but I haven’t done this portage.

It’s been a while
but I remember a Public put in 2 blocks past the bridge on the main drag. Go past the boat tours and hang a left. There is the public landing on the left. I have also put in a cove by the lake off of a road on the west side. It was a fishing area but I just threw my Kayak in and it worked great.

I hope you have a great time, the rocks are great!


…Rocks at the lake or just Dells?
Van—Are you referring also to Mirror Lake or on the river?


River Access
To the Wisconsin river. Left on River Rd look for the Public Landing signs.

-Great Wisconsin Dells Paddles-
Theres a lot of great paddling in the Dells area. A sea kayak is the well recommended boat of choice. A few public put-ins and take-outs are:

Mauston to the Upper Upper Dells “Two Rivers” Public boat landing (Lemonweir River)

Upper Upper Dells at “Two Rivers” to River Bay Marina Public landing in the Upper Dells

River Bay to Blackhawk Island

Mirror Lake State Park to Kaminiski Park on the far end of Lake Delton (through the Dells Creek)or keep going to Hwy A to Fox Run Road public boat ramp

Lots of Paddling…Enjoy years worth of fun and exploration!

I was there today!
Did the duck boat thing…it’s what ya do when you’re burnt from driving and ya wanna check out the water!HAHA!! LOved the water but didn’t like the Niagara Falls feeling of the town…I will go there to paddle sometime…the duck driver told me to turn right out of their parking lot,and turn right again onto County A road…

Wisconsin Dells Rowing/Paddling
Mirror Lake makes the best in season destination as it is a designated No-Wake Lake. Lower Dells area on the Wisconsin River is nice for in season as well as it has many shallows, sandbars, etc. that are not popular with the go-fast and swamp 'em set. Out of season the area has many fine places to row or paddle.

One of the better concealed access points for rowers and paddlers is at “Timmie’s Dam”, halfway between Lake Delton and Mirror Lake. The dam is accessed off of Burritt Ave. in Lake Delton. Look for the signs for the Dam Bar & Grill, the put-in is directly under the bridge. Paddling or rowing from here, west through Mirror Lake is my favorite trip. Lots of great scenery, rock formations, etc. Take out is available at a ramp at the far west end of Mirror Lake off of Hwy 23.


Mirror Lake
I paddled this awhile back and it was a great time. Wildlife can be seen al over if youre quiet. Saw ALOT of deer!

Thanks for the tip!
When I return to the area some other time I will check out this section…