Wisconsin or Midwest Paddling Partners

Former guide. Canoe / Kayak SUP - I’ll paddle it all. Located in south central Wisconsin. Paddle all over and beyond. Frothy white or the slow and steady. Rivers…creeks…lakes. Travel incl teardrop base camp. Hate running shuttle with a gd bike! Help a fellow paddler out and come run some spots. Active paddle spots…let’s follow the flow. Multi-days…after work…weekends…whatever. Ran the Niobrara above flood stage this spring - epic…Bois Brule @ 800 cfs…Badfish Creek, Turtle Creek…Yahara, Baraboo, Pesh, Pine, Mecan, Wolf, Menominee. Inquire within. Paddle on. Easy as…find the flow…check milspaddled.com for the gauges and info…plan…go…rinse…repeat. Hate running shuttle?..me too. Fall rains are coming folks. Would love to schedule a Buffalo trip, BWCAW, Apostles, Voyageurs, Manistee, St. Croix…etc etc etc. Cheers.

Why don’t you come down to the Ozark Rendezvous this Fall. See the thread in this subforum. We have folks that come from the Madison area every year. Next Spring, we might well meet on the Buffalo in AR.

Which river(s) do you run while you’re down there? Open boaters?

Mostly open boaters. Some in kayaks. The beauty of the Missouri Ozarks are that there are lovely spring-fed rivers that can be run year round. In the Fall, the rivers and stretches that depend on natural flow are likely to be too low, but there have been exceptions. This Fall we will be on the Current River in the Ozark National Scenic Riverways, camping at Pulltite Campground north of Eminence, MO. That river as well as the lower portion of the Jacks Fork (a tributary) are always runnable due to the springs. They are Class I rivers with some pleasant riffles.

ONSR map:


Next Spring the odds are we will be at the Buffalo National River.

Love to do an Apostle Islands trip. Had a trip planned for last early last June but the weather conditions were rain. low 40’s winds 15mph - not conducive to a solo trek on Superior. went to BCAW instead.