Wisconsin paddling

I just bought my first kayak and am pumped to get out there and use it! I live in central Wisconsin. Anyone have any suggestions for some great paddling in Wisconsin or the UP? Looking for day trips and overnighters.

Check out this site which is very good

Start With These Two Books

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Pick up "Paddling Northern Wisconsin" and "Paddling Southern Wisconsin" by Mike Svob. These two books introduce all of the most popular river trips.

That barely scratches the surface, though. For lake paddling, any lake big enough to show up on a highway map will have public access somewhere, so you've got about 15,000 to choose from. When it comes to small rivers, my favorite method for finding new paddling spots is to look at topo maps and air photos on-line. The nice thing about little boats is that you don't need a "launch site". Any highway bridge will do the job (the highway right-of-way is public land).

I don't know where you are in central Wisconsin, but if you are near the Castle Rock Flowage, you could check out the west bay. Put in on or near Highway G (there are three or four public access spots in that bay) and paddle north into the maze of flooded backwaters of the Yellow River. That's the "most central" location I've paddled, and it's very pretty back there. There's also a nice river trip from just below the Castle Rock dam down to a couple miles south of Highway 82 on the Wisconsin River (take out at the mouth of the Lemonweir River (speaking of which, the Lemonweir River from 19th Avenue 3 miles west of Mauston to Highway HH or else the confluence with the Wisconsin River is a wonderful trip)).

If you don't already have one, get a "Wisconsin Atlas and Gazeteer" from DeLorme. Back when I got my worn-out copy, they were hard to find, but now they even sell them in convenience stores. You will need a map that shows EVERY back road when looking for launch sites.

Go to Wausau and ask for "Decker."
His wife won’t let him do overnights with strangers, but as a daytripper, he’s much talk and some action.

Wisconsin River
Sounds like you are in Wausau. Take 'er down the old Wisconsin!

Wisconsin paddling
First of all, read guideboatguy’s comment and do everything he says: it is right on the button. Get connected with the River Alliance of Wisconsin (http://www.wisconsinrivers.org/) and do some of their trips (and get involved in some of their powerful activities to save Wisconsin’s Rivers). The Sierra Club River Touring Section (http://wisconsin.sierraclub.org/rts/index.htm does terrific trips at all levels. The Wisconsin River is a wonderful place, especially below the Sauk Prairie dam, where the protected “Lower Wisconsin State Waterway” begins, 93 miles of no dam, free flowing river. Up your way, I particularly like the Manitowish and the Bear. Wisconsin is filled with great little rivers, many of them in Mike Svob’s books and even more (like the Bear) you can discover for yourself. Most of all, get that boat wet and ask the people you meet on the water. Paddle on!

If you’re ever in the North Woods
up near Minocqua, email my wife & I and we’ll take you paddling to some of our favorite lakes up here.

From Rhinelander and to the north
I am from Rhinelander. The good lakes are everywhere. I like the Willow and Turtle Flambeau Flowages which are not too far away. Also suggest a day trip up to Trout Lake near Boulder Junction. There is also some beautiful country up in Sylvania - just over the border in upper MI near Land O Lakes.

There just so many great trips - have fun!

Central Wisconsin
There are a lot of places to paddle. It depends on the kayak you’re using. Lots of flat water behind the dams on the Wisconsin River. Lake Wausau and Lake Alexander or DuBay. You can also run the rivers if you’re looking for current and small rapids. The Wisconsin between Merrill and Wausau is fairly easy. A little more challenge would be the Wolf River from Lily to Langlade. The real beauty is to the north on the Manitowish. Tom

we have gone to the brule river and had a great time. there is a hotel and a camp ground right next to the river and also an outfitter across the street. it was an easy paddle with some awsome scenery.

Wisconsin Paddling
Get a good map of the Northern Highland State Forest. Stop in at the Trout LakeDNR Station off HWY M, off Hwy 51 on your way to Boulder Junction. You can pick any lake you want and paddle, portage, paddle, portage…you get the idea. They also have a paddling guide of local rivers, the length , approximate time it will take you. Talk to a local while you are here, well, wait do not do that. We rarely tell outsiders the good spots, the answer to the question of a good place to paddle will be…“on the water!” Have fun, there is no place better than Northern Wisconsin.