Wisconsin River


Nicely done! So far, I’ve just read your first account of running the Bois Brule, but having been there for my first time this past fall, I’d say you did a really nice job of briefly describing the mood of the place. I even liked your link to the “suprise” aspect of Falls Rapid, and though I didn’t remember that drop based on your description, I checked out the linked video and it did look familiar.

People can find a zillion photos of the cabins and boathouses of “the presidential section” online, but anyone who wants to see mine can, at http://tinyurl.com/hdyypzc (I still haven’t gotten around to posting any of my “regular” shots of that river).

You can bet I’ll be sure to read the reports which follow that first one, some of which are about rivers I have planned to go see, and many of which I haven’t even thought about, until now.


Great blog - would love to get up to your area sometime.

Very well done! Your detailed descriptions will aid anyone wanting to explore these rivers, and the photos make me really wish Spring would arrive early!

Awesome, thanks very much for sharing on here.

Have officially added the Bois Brule to our list. Has everything we love about a good paddle-

Great job on the blog, it is obvious you put time and effort in and it is very much appreciated.

nicely done! enjoyable and informative.

One comment about the Brule: The headwaters is not technically Lake St. Croix. The river you see crossing Hwy A is flowing into the lake, not out of. There is a section of the North Country Trail that follows the historic portage and after about a mile intersects where the Brule starts, and flows north. This is the divide, not the lake. There is a common swampy marsh area where the Brule flows north out of, and the St. Croix south.