i am looking to do some whitewater paddling this spring in Wisconsin. I am looking for people who have experience that wouldnt mind another boat coming along on a trip or two this spring. I have my own gear I just dont know many people who paddle. I would be in a tandem canoe but i dont care what everyone else paddles. class II to start.

Also post on “Getting Together & Going
Paddling” forum. And on boatertalk.com there’s Decker and Charlie Johnson.

Check out the River-Tripping group …
… within the Sierra Club. They paddle many rivers each season in the northern parts of the state. I believe they require the use of thigh straps for certain rivers. However, I mentioned to one one club official that I’ve paddled one of the rivers for which they have the thigh-strap requirement and found it to be quite easy without thigh straps, and said he’s not sure how strict they would be in enforcing that rule much of the time. Some so-called Class-III rivers seldom have more than 30 feet of Class III at a time, so they might take that into consideration when enforcing the equipment rules. I’ve been meaning to sign up with them for some time, but haven’t. They seem like a good bunch of people, more into paddling than Sierra-Club political battles.

I’d strangle their know-it-all necks
over straps. I don’t use straps in open boats, or toe braces. But I can paddle rings around their silly pseudo competent backsides.

Sounds a little too organized and bureaucratic.

Stop in at the pub at Bearpaw Resort and you will find lots of paddlers looking to get out in a few more weeks.


Might join a paddling club, lots of them around. If you’re in WI stop into Canoecopia this coming weekend in Madison (web search for Canoecopia), most of the clubs will be there as well as tons of stuff for sale and lots of speakers.

Bill H.