with in a couple hours of cinci

Any paddle/camp suggestions within a couple hours of cinci. I’m carrying it all so probably class 1 only. My impression is that all the impoundments are overrun with power boats. Is that true this time of the year.

The lakes are still frozen and the skiing is gone, what shal I do?



Cinci Ohio?
Try the Little Miami River. The rapids are class I or II and there are campgrounds along the river. It is a beautiful, undeveloped/unspoiled river with no motorized traffic.

Huh, Miami?
Isn’t the Miami that cement tube with all the moss on it that runs through downtown Dayton?

same river, but much different down stream as one gets near Cincinnati. With alot of map reading I would think one could set up a route from Springfield to the Ohio River, of course a cart would be a big help.

NOOOOOO! Not true…

There are two rivers in Ohio with the name Miami

in them. The Great Miami runs through Dayton

an onto the Ohio River on the west side of Cinci.

the Little Miami starts near-ish Springfield and

goes considerably east of Dayton, through Xenia

and then dumps into the Ohio near the Lunkin Airport on the east side of Cinci.

Very different rivers.

The first responder was describing the Little

Mimai which runs near some of Ohio’s prettiest areas.

As well as some not quite so pretty areas.

I live within 5 miles of sever of the Little

Miami’s put ins. Shoot me some email.

Hell if I’m around ll go with you.

me too
I grew up paddling the little miami. I have paddled it from Yellow springs to Corwin. Oddly enough I have never been south of corwin. Anyhow, it is a nice river that flows through some very pretty places. However, like said before, it flows through some not so nice places as well. I saw a few cars with roof racks sitting at a put in today where it flows under 35. The Mad is also pretty but I have not paddled much of it. If you go up to Columbus you can paddle the Big Darby. East is paint creek and rocky fork creek( Some enviromental org is trying to take over rocky fork creek and not let people paddle it). Paint creek is pretty. That is about all I can think of right now. There are plenty of lakes to play in too.

Here’s a link to more than you’ll ever want to know about the LITTLE Miami River:


I have more info in files I can send you if you send me an email address (can’t put attachments in emails sent through P-net).

If you want to boat camp on a reservoir, East Fork Lake is encircled by a backpack trail on which you can camp. Motorboat traffic isn’t bad until summer, as long as you avoid bass tournaments.

Have we paddled?
…I live in Harveysburg, right at the shores of

Caesar’s Creek Lake.

PS The prettiest places…
…are downstream from Corwin around the Ft.

Ancietn area. There is one nice play spot between Milford and Loveland.

You’re missing a lot.

I grew up in Springfield and learned to swim in that river there at John Bryant State Park.

Shoot me some email.

I stand corrected
Roberts is right, still for a guy from Florida I was kinda close.

I paddled the LM today…
with 2 buddies from the Dayton Canoe Club. It was our vehicles you saw. We ran from hwy 35 to Spring Valley. Great trip today and hit the paddling festival in Cinci for a nightcap. There are several gravel bars and islands suitable for camping on the stretch as well as permit camping at some parks, liverys and put ins.

LesG, that was a cool site. I wanted to paddle the entire river last summer but work got in the way. I have this summer off, so, other than other fishing trips, I intend to cover every mile of that river. With all the S. Ohio people here we should have a Pnetter paddle when it gets a bit warmer. Toco, other lakes that could do the job are Rocky Fork. Paint Creek, Cowan(10hp), Kiser(no motor)or even Deer Creek. dccjon, I think it is cool I saw your cars. I was quite envious knowing someone was paddling while I was running errands.