Withlacoochee River, Fla. got any

water in it starting at Madison Blue Springs?

Which one!
There is one in North Florida that flows into the Suwannee and one near Tampa that flows North into the Gulf at Yankeetown.

Paddled 2 weeks ago

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from boat ramp above Blue Springs to Blue Springs. The water is low but to me it's still a fun paddle. The water is better below Blue Springs as you have a few more springs adding water. After passing the power lines there is a larger shoal that is still able to navigate, but if you don't thread the tight line you will hit a rock. It's almost right in the middle angled to right then dog leg left. Fun
Thinking about going again myself Saturday.
Valdosta, GA

Thanks Bob. We’re thinking about going
next weekend.

the one in North Fl. Is the water generally clear, like a spring?