Wobble Board for kayak training?

A friend is recommending a bosu ball. I had mentioned that I was looking for a way to stay in kayak-shape during the winter, and that my balance needs work. A bosu ball isn’t a small investment, so time to ask the community: is a wobble board of some sort a good idea and if so, is the bosu ball the way to go? I’ll admit it seems clunky. So far the only equipment I have used is what is on hand and some resistance bands. Swimming. Walking. Raking.

Unipedal standing three times a day for at least one minute on each leg improves balance. Brisk walking is good. I think strength training is a necessity for every day life as well as paddling. If you have access to an indoor rower, erging is a full body workout and great cardio training.

A very effective balance training method which uses core strength:

Thank you! And a video. So helpful.

LOL, those exercises in that video are pretty challenging. Especially when closing your eyes.

I made one of these for myself years ago. Pretty easy to make with just a few items from the hardware store and a bare minimum of skills. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9azAGIyTNKY

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Same here although known as a “Balance Board” around here. I used some 1 X 10 and traced the arc from a 5 gallon bucket.