Wobbly Werner paddle

My trusty carbon straight shaft 2-piece Werner Kauai has developed a nasty wobble in the middle. I talked to Werner and they say this happens with their pre-adjustable paddles. The only remedy they offer is to send it in, and they will make me a new half to replace the one that is causing the wobble, at a cost of 1/2 a new paddle.

Does anyone know of a home fix that works? Maybe putting some electical tape on the end of the male half?


Not tape
Tape will just get scraped off.

If the ferrule is worn, I’d be tempted to remove the button and brush a thin layer of epoxy onto the male side, and plan on sanding to fit. If it’s really worn, it might need some glass cloth, like the ultrafine stuff you get at hobby shops for models.

When I purchased a ferrel kit from another paddle mfg that is essentially what they said in the event that the ferrel was loose during the dry fit stage. In my case it was the other way around, I had to hand sand the ferrel to fit into the female portion of the paddle. However, they did say that in the event that the ferrel was too small, (loose), put a thin coat of resin, let dry, sand to fit.

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Speaking of ferrule kits
are the components of a Lendell PadLock (sp?) available anywhere?

i would imagine so
check rutabaga in Wisc. and the kayak center in RI…i owuld call both of them…first names i can think of that might have the parts…

First of all… are you sure it 's the…
ferrule part thats not fitting well? I ask this 'cause I have a paddle that has a little slop in it also… It’a a Whetstone…a very nice paddle. That said, my problem is the push button. thru a whole lot of use, the corresponding hole for the button has elongated just a tad. this causes a little slop that I just don’t like. My response to that is to keep a wrap of quality duct tape around the joint… takes virtually all the so-called slop away. If the tape is of a good quality, it’s reusable many times. and adds no extra weight to a 25oz. paddle…

Make it a one piece
Remove the stainless spring/button, and epoxy the two halves together. Fill the small hole with a bit of bondo / or epoxy. You’ll have a solid, wobble free paddle.