wolfgang east greenland bent paddle

Anybody have experence withy wolfgang brinck

east greenland bent paddles. They have 3/8"

bend in them to produce less flutter. They

look interesting.

last time i checked with
them it cost as much to ship the paddle to the usa as the paddle costs.

on the bent shaft, well when i use a GP i dont get any flutter, should I?

I do like their paddles, maybe someday they can get a USA dealer and get the price to something reasonable.

Having made a few GPs…
…it sounds rather implausible to me that this makes much difference. Paddles flex as they’re used and cedar will even retain a certain amount of bend until it’s stressed in the opposite direction. I have some paddles that have at least that much “offset” cause by slight natural warping and I don’t notice any difference in how they feel when held either way. Last, but not least, one of the main benefits of a GP is its completely symmetrical design. Why would you want to give that up?

Was just wondering
I don’t have alot of experence with greenland

paddles & when I came across this design was

curious about them.

I believe Brinck’s located in the Los Angeles, California, area.


Your response got me to thinking. I use a laminated GP (Mitchell) so I do not have to deal with either a warp or with much flex.

Out of curiosity, if you pick up and start paddling with a warped paddle is there a noticeable difference in feel to it when held “warp away” vs “warp toward”?


I’ve tried one only during a pool session, so my experience is limited. However my take is that it has a little bit of the feel of a wing paddle. Pretty cool. Whether it makes any significant difference during a regular paddle, that I don’t know.


warped paddles…
My first GP that I carved warped more than even Wolfgang’s curved paddles. It could be all mental but I definitely felt more comfortable paddling with it with the warp towards me. I considered it my “power face” GP and although it worked ok, I didn’t find any real benefit from the warped paddle.

Wolfgang lives in Alameda, just across the Bay from San Francisco. I’ve tried his paddles and own one as do many of us in the San Francisco area. They have the best “feel” of the makes that I’ve been able to try out… I would recommend calling him directly if you have questions. 415-846-5488 is his cell phone.


Who says there’s not a market
… for those defective warped paddles!


shipping charges
The shipping charges seem a bit high, high

enough not to order one.

GP’s are oversized.
and difficult to properly pack and ship.

My Mitchell experience went as such: Saw a blem on the site and called. It was one that had been damaged and repaired (a delamination) by UPS. When shipped to me, UPS danaged…the other blade.

Mitchell ships in cardboard boxes. I beleive that some carvers ship in PVC pipes for protection. Costly shipping, but durable.


my apologies
i confused him with a european gp maker…sorry

I’ve never noticed it…
…but perhaps it’s just me. Unless the warp is substantial, as schizopak indicated his was, it’s not likely to make any difference. When I grab one of my GPs, I just pick it up and start paddling. That’s part of the beauty of the design; it’s completely symmetric and you don’t have to think about it.

BTW, this is one of the reasons I make all my paddles from vertical grain cedar; it’s very stable and has almost no tendency to warp. If you can’t find suitable cedar in your area, laminating a blank is your best bet.