Women only trips

I am trying to find a trip to send my wife on and I’m looking for sugestions.

She is very capable outdoors person and has good basic kayak knowledge (Self resuce, bracing, but won’t roll). She has paddled rivers and lakes in Indiana during all seasons and has some limited experience on Lake Michigan. I know she would love to go to Alaska. She would also prefer to paddle solo not a tandem boat and I think she would enjoy a women only trip. I’ve looked at Outward Bound but most of what I’ve seen of their trips are for kids. I really like that style of trip where you learn skills not just guided.

Thanks for any help

Here in WI
The WI DNR had some outdoor women type programs that introduced women to camping, hunting, fishing, etc. You might look at your states DNR website to see if they offer something like it.


BOW, etc
Many states now run BOW (Becoming an Outdoors Woman) classes – usually a few weekends a year.

A search turned up a few in possibilities Alaska:





Weekend classes near you:



These days I’d expect that many guide services offer women-only trips, or could arrange one if she has friends she’d like to go with.

The Wild Institute
The Wild Institute specializes in women only trips. I have been trying to get my calendar in sync to take one of Chris’s trips. I have friends who have been on multiple trips with her - they loved the first trip so much they keep going back. The link to her website and calendar is: http://www.thewildinstitute.com/trip-calendar.php

Living Adventures
co-owners Gail Green & Grant Herman offer an option for women-only trips from 1-6 nights among the incredible Apostle Islands in Lake Superior off Bayfield, WI. Safety class for first time trippers is mandatory, top line kayaks & gear supplied. ACA certified instructor/guides, imaginative catered meals, many different options for beginners thru advanced.

Haven’t gone but it’s #1 on my list for trips. Took a class w. Gail last August and she is high energy & knowledgeable. Could be a great match for your wife’s skills and interests.

try wilderness inquiry
They have women’s trips. They are out of Minneapolis and I saw that the offerred some bwca trips as well as kayaking the Apostle islands.

I have never been on the trips but they look interesting.

Piragis in Ely…`
Minnesota has an all women BWCA trip they do yearly…

What a great gift!
Will you adopt me? I’m doing well to get a trip to Cleveland…

Ladies of the Lake
There is a women’s sea kayak symposium every August in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan that I would highly recommend. “Ladies of the Lake” isn’t a “trip” exactly, but it is a journey. There are classes for all skill levels during the day. There are evening slide shows and social activities. It’s inspirational to see what other women have done or are doing. And it’s a very supportive atmosphere for learning things. There generally are some “tours” before the symposium begins. All the participants and instructors are women. There are also activities during the day for any guys who come along. Check out the info at www.downwindsports.com.

Womans Trip

Jim Price of Eastern Edge Outfitters used to run trips along Newfoundland’s South Coast.

They are exceptional trips and he used to use a lady Patsy Brown to help guide them. Patsy is an exceptional paddler and guide.

As far as I know they are not exclusively female but do lend themselves to a wide range of skills.

You get to see exceptional wild life and Eastern Edge supplies kayaks (single kayaks).

Your wife will likely bump into whales, seals, eagles all over the place, great scenery.

It’s a great trip: I go to Woody Island Rendez-Vous each year with this crowd; I bring along my wife and a bunch of musical instruments.

Scot Cunningham in Nova Scotia has some lady friendly trips as well.

As for being able to roll, my wife can’t roll and it does not stop her.

hey great idea,I’ld like to send my wife on atrip also-do they have any for like 15-20 weeks or more? -bert

I’ll second that :smiley:
Been to two of them. Bonus is a guided daytour on the Thursday before the symposium begins. Last year - on Drummond Island- there was also an optional overnighter amid the islands in Potagannissing Bay. Don’t know yet if that’ll be repeated this year.

It’s not a multi-day tour, per se, but there will be lots of on the water skill sessions and camraderie. Top instructors, many of whom were at GLSKA’s symposium at Grand Marais the month prior. There are many good onland classes on using every kind of paddling & camping gear, wilderness cooking, wildlife, weather, and other related topics.

The location moves to different paddling spots around the Upper Peninsula. This year’s will be at Houghton, MI.

Natalie hinman of wear on earth store in potsdam,ny led many such trips. Try adk mt club

Outdoor Odysseys
Outdoor Odysseys in Seattle offers a women’s only San Juan Island trip that looks really good. My wife and I saw them last summer both on the water and at the ferry dock going home. Lots of smiles and laughs from the entire group.