women peeing in a kayak

Just need a little advice on how to outfit my girlfriend so she can pee in her kayak so we don’t have to pull out and find a Mickey D’s along the busy Jersey Shore. I know they sell funnels for women who camp, but was wondering if they line up when you are sitting in a boat. Any other gadetry out there? Any other suggestions would be helpful!


Peeing in a kayak is easy
if you don’t care where it goes! :wink:

Seriously, yes, it can be done. The Freshette FUD (female urinary director) works wonderfully. I have made an adapter for mine so a bottle can be attached to catch the pee without leaking. The trick is positioning yourself in the kayak to do the deed. Best way is to have someone stabilize the kayak while you scooch up onto the back deck so you have some clearance under your bum to place the funnel and assure that the bottle is positioned downhill. Unassisted, you might want to set up a paddle float support.

I have a small friend with a larger boat, who can get on her knees in the boat and go.

All in all, having stabilization assistance is the best.


go to http://www.useakayak.org

The University of Sea Kayaking (USK),

go to their on-line store…there is one there!

Helen in FL

…has a woman peeing in a kayak in their store?!

It is a Derek Hutchinson thing
they must wear skirts and have feathered paddles too!

has it cheaper. www.cabelas.com

who needs that "i wanna pee like a guy " stuff… the more ya got to fiddle with something the more complicated it gets.

Who needs it?
I do! I don’t want to have to remove my drysuit every time I have to go, when I have a convenient front relief zipper, and I don’t have to expose myself at all!


I don’t know about you but…
I don’t pee in my kayak! HAHA!

Good for you Linda…
You can always smell a Pee kayak a mile away.

I don’t either, most of the time -
But I do when I’m on shore and still wearing my drysuit! YOu know, the last-minute pee before launching?

And on my last trip (5 days in the San Juans) we had a 13.5 mile day - had to go sometime!

Plus, I use it (with my famous bottle adapter) to pee in my tent so I don’t have to crawl out at night. I never spill a drop!


Don’t knock it 'till you try it.
I find the freshette easy to use and it makes my kayaking trips much more comfortable, especially in the winter.

Crazy question
You know - why not just install a self bailer in the kayak like a USCA canoe? That might be nice for guys & girls alike. Wouldn’t solve the dry suit issues, but it would be handy at other times.

Matter of fact, wouldn’t a self bailer be a good thing to have in a kayak anyways? Wouldn’t it be easier to drain a partial swamp that way than having to fool with a pump & all?

Check out this site.

Every device is there and it is cheap.

still cheaper
at Cabela’s for the freshette director.