women that like to drink lots of water

What if there is no private place to pull over?

Anyone pee in a bottle in their kayak?

Any advise?

I like drinking lots of water…

Lady J
from Campmor online or, I suppose, at their store in NJ. And there is one other one, forget the name.

is the other brand. And I only know that because I know the woman who developed it, so no wisecracks from the peanut gallery are required.

I always seem to have a place to pull over so I temper my drinking to aline myself when & where I will pull over. I do also drink less, because I do not want frequent stops.

When my dog is on board, we must stop every 2 hours, so we “go” as a family, lol.

As Celia mentioned:


And as Seadddict was kind enough to mention:



The hard part is making the purchase.

I believe in keeping hydrated.

With the drysuit, long underwear and my unwillingness to raft up with strangers in the middle of a ten mile crossing this works for me.

In the summer in calm waters I have been known to refuse assistance out of the boat. Because of the “bilge water”

do get Lady J or similar
such as http://www.nrsweb.com/shop/product.asp?pfid=22516&src=champ and make sure any wetsuits, etc. you purchase have a relief zipper. I know many women do take care to not drink too much and time stops, but you’ll be so much happier if you don’t have to hold it or drink too little (which can make you tire easily or worse). I’ve also heard of some using a sponge. As a man I just bring a bottle and happily keep well hydrated.

I prefer to sit on the back coaming and, using a longer tube, pee over the side. If balance is an issue, raft up with someone.

my wife
Cindy has been known to use her Sweet helmet (or Not-So-Sweet) as a catch basin and then provide a good rinse.

Freshette Fenis or FUD (Female Urinary Device)

stand and pee with the boyz! write your name in the snow…

back to work…


don’t know if this will work…
you have a paddle-float and a paddle?

why not shove the paddle into the float and tie it off as an outrigger?

then you have more stability for when you wiggle out and back into your clothes as you piddle into a bottle.

or you can paddle naked and just mop the mess. I’ve done that so often with my daughters who couldn’t hold it.

PS: someone let me know if this idea (the outrigger) works.

Hydration Habits
For a more complete comment… I tend to be in the drink-less-on-the-water camp for some very pragmatic reasons. But if you are going to do that you have to account for what you should have drunk in some other way. What I tend to do is hydrate like crazy each day at the end of the paddle, and (try to) get up early enough to drink at least half a gallon before the launch so that business can be taken care of prior to taking off.

I can’t say this makes me the most fun company at the end of the day especially on the car ride home if we’ve stopped to eat, but then if it’s a beer bunch it’s not like the guys are doing any better. The hardest part of this for me is crawling out of bed for the early part. I am not good at mornings.

Friend of mine…
…carries an umbrella with her when she hits the water. Just goes up on shore a bit, has everyone stay in the same general area and hides behind it. works great, as far as we are concerned.

good luck


Honestly, the
Freshette is too hard (rigid plastic), too narrow and doesn’t drain fast enough so it backs up and spills over. When I pee, I PEE, I don’t tinkle little lady-like doily droplets. Great for camping though, when you don’t want to get out of the tent. I just drink a lot less before and during the paddle. No coffee.

Just do it!
Whatever it takes … get comfortable and do what you have to to take a pee when you want to take a pee! Don’t worry about what any one else thinks - your comfort and your health are the most important things.

We used to go hiking with a woman who refused to pee outdoors. What a P.I.A! Between the effects of under-hydration and a bulging bladder, she was real unpleasant to be with for the last two hours of the day.

It’s natural and necessary; if anyone has a problem waiting for you, it’s their problem.

Paddle on … and remember it is easier to pee in a canoe!

oh that sounds like a whole
lot of fun in six foot seas.

Plus you need to hold on to a kayak leash in case you fall out and the wind catches it.

I paddled with a woman who said
"I gotta pee;turn your head if you don’t want to see my butt." Works for 50 year-olds.

Avert, revert, pervert—
didn’t I learn that from p.net a while back?

effects of dehydration
On a trip down the Yukon I didn’t drink much because I didn’t want to have to stop the group. The result was that I got a migraine headache on about day 3 or 4 and was so dizzy I could hardly walk; I hadn’t realized how dehydrated I was. Didn’t really feel thirsty either. After that experience I drank water during the day. And if I had to go, I called for a rest stop. That was a real lesson.

You may have an underlying medical problem.

Are you unknowingly diabetic?

Do you have cystitis?

those are signs of dehydration
she did not mention polydypsia. Thats a cardinal sign of diabetes…the need to drink and drink…an unquenchable thirst.

Its common to become dehydrated on long trips. Often the only sign is headache and some really irritable behavior.

Blood Sugar Tested?
Just a note if you have to drink a lot and urinate frequently enough that you think it would be an issue, you probably should get your blood sugar levels tested.