Women's Inflatable PFD?

I am considering buying an inflatable PDF. Does anybody make one that is made specifically for smaller adults? I’m 5’3", 115 lbs. The one I tried on said “universal fit”. Yeah, right. It was so long I would never be able to strap it on and sit comfortably. But then, I’m not comfortable in a traditional life vest. Too hot. (I will probably continue to just zip/snap on the life jacket only in spots where I might need it.)

Women’s inflatable
Take a look at West Marine’s inflatable. The call it the “kayak vest”. I use one in the summer, and it works pretty well. There is not back to it and it has 4 large pockets that will accomodate my VHF radio, GPS, Cliff bars, etc.

To be considered legal, an inflatable must be worn. (Other PFDs are OK if tucked under a bungie)

get the belt kind…
There’s no concern regarding sizing since the belt can pull to any waist size and it’s completely out of the way. I wear one if I’m required to do so to be “legal”.