Women's PFD's-Follow up

Based on all the great responses to my previous question and a little further research, I ordered an Astral Wonderjacket. Price was midrange of the 3 most suggested (Wonderjacket, MsFit Tour, and BetSea) and it had the best mix of the features I liked (more adjustability in size, lots of pockets but still has clean lines, room for water bladder, and mid-chest strap). Not too surprisingly, I couldn’t find any of the 3 locally–I went ahead and ordered it and crossed my fingers. It just came in yesterday and so far I’m pretty thrilled with the fit and ease of movement compared with my old PFD.

I’m hoping to try it out in the water tonight if the rain slows down!

Thanks again for all the great ideas–I’d never have known where to start looking until I looked here!

Linda in NE Ohio, where I’m not scared of boat ramps because they only let electric motors on my reservoir :slight_smile:

Thanks for the follow up
Always nice to hear the end of the tale!

I hate it when I search out a subject, read up, but never find out what was the outcome.

Happy yakkin’


paddles good, too!
I was able to get out last night and couldn’t believe how much more comfortable and agile I felt in my boat and how much stronger my stroke was!

Hooray for good equipment!