Women's Pink PFD for Kayaking

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My wife and I are in the beggining stage of buying our own gear and she would love a good quality PINK PFD, emphasis on PINK ;-)

She is more comfortable with straps and not just a zip on vest. So far the one that seems to meet her criteria is a Body Glove 2009 Formula


I was wondering if anyone else had any recommendation of a PFD that might fit her needs.


Go pinker

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Here - http://kayak.nrsweb.com/boating/Lotus%20Pfd

Re straps versus zippers, if you want it to stay on right in a real swim it can be harder to get that kind of fit with all straps. Also, that may put a strap up under your arm, a place that can chafe while paddling.


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Thank you both. I will talk to her about this and explain everything here. She is reasonable so I bet she will go with the recommendation here.

if she HAS to have pink…
L.L. Bean makes a women’s model PFD in bright pink to match their Casco series “women’s” kayaks.


But I personally would not buy a PFD based entirely on color. Fit is important. For $10 more than this model she could have an Astral V-Eight (it comes in blue or an attractive deep orange) PFD which is the most comfortable paddling vest I’ve ever used. It fits well, which has been a problem for me with other PFD’s as I am short-waisted and busty. It is not constricting and, best of all, is ventilated so it doesn’t get horribly hot while paddling like some vests can. It has a short front zipper and adjustable side straps. The pockets are a bit lame but OK.

First things first
Coming from a female paddler: The first thing she should do is take the emphasis off pink! A PFD is an extremely important piece of equipment that is meant to SAVE YOUR LIFE. That said - she should buy a woman’s PFD b/c the fit is so much better. I just bought a Stohlquist BetSea. I’ve only had it on twice but so far so good. And the BetSea does happen to come in pink. :slight_smile:

Kokatat make a rasberry women’s
pfd…it’s gorgeous and they are a great company. Lots of pockets to boot if that’s important to you.

Stohlquist and MTI
Stohlquist makes a great fitting BetSea in Pink and MTI has several Pink PFDs also.

Keep away from neoprene pfds
They are terribly hot! And I dont think they are designed for paddling but as mentioned, it would be listed inside the jacket to be sure.

She also needs to keep in mind what kind of kayak she is using. I just started kayaking last year. I got a package deal of kayak, paddle & pfd. The pfd was ok but didn’t really fit that well. Then I lost weight this year and the fit was even worse. I bought a stohlquist and its a lot better. The difference is that it has a short back and doesn’t interfere with the way I sit in my kayak. To be honest I hadn’t fully realized that was a big part of the problem. One of those “duh” moments.

how about a Hello Kitty one
I spotted this gorgeous pink number from Hello Kitty.

Not sure what kind of PFD it is (maybe jet ski?) but it does have straps as requested: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gnarlydog/2731211438/in/set-72157604806048123/

Not exactly my flavour but, hey you will be the talk (or laugh) of the boat ramp :slight_smile:

second that Kokatat
MsFit Tour if she wants/needs several pockets, MsFit if she wants a more streamlined vest.

She really needs to try them on. I loved the MsFit Tour features but found the vest overall too bulky for me - so returned it unused.

Whichever vest she chooses, it should fit snugly at shoulders and torso, be comfortable at the bust, and have enough floatation for her weight. Type III is what you want (both of you). Type V (the pullover type) meets requirements if worn at all times when in the boat. I have a Palm Type V that is very low profile, with one pocket, and my favorite.

I use a Lotus Designs as a touring vest due to the great pockets and relatively low profile. Don’t think they every made any in pink, tho.

Get your new PFDs wet - capsize, go swimming and practice rescues. Make sure the PFD stays on in the water and is not in the way of getting back in your


Kokatat’s are approved by the USCG and Transport Canada if that matters. Plus the quality and customer service is awesome.

All that is more important than what color it is, but

:::shrug::: if it encourages her to use it then go for it!