Wondering About a Shop's Reliability

I still haven’t decided on what kayak I’m gonna get, but I was wondering if anyone here has had experiences or knows of other’s experiences with Bel Haven Paddlesports in New Jersey?

If I decide on a particular type of kayak, they may be the ones I end up going to to get a used version of that kayak due to their prices, and being that they’re so far from me in Louisiana, I was wondering as to their customer satisfaction and reliability.

My thanks for any and all assistance y’all can give me. I’m also gonna post this on the main kayak forum as well so if you want, you can post there.

Looks as though you did what I
was going to suggest. You may also want to email Fat Elmo if he doesn’t respond to your post. He’s a New Jersey paddler, though a canoeist. He’s of an age and experience that he probably knows everyone that owns or sells kayaks and canoes in New Jersey.

KFS is in new jersey and they have super CS…they stand behind anything they sell

Loozyanna yak dealers…
Don’t know anything about the shop you’re asking about but I second the recommendation of KayakFishingStuff.

Also, The Backpacker, in Baton Rouge, Pack & Paddle in Lafayette and Compass Rose in Covington are, IMO, all good places to do business with. Massey’s has been good to us too.

I’ve bought boats from three of these five and been pleased with them. I haven’t bought a boat from Pack & Paddle or Massey’s but I’ve heard good things.

Good seeing your name again

May also be too far away…
But there’s an outfit in Farmville ,VA named Appomatax River Co. that’s a board sponser of RiverSmallies.com. They have about the best prices in a 3 state radius and also offer repair work as well. EXCELLENT company to deal with.


agree with the Rat…that place has damn good prices and cheap shipping…I have a friend in Va that uses them all the time and says nothing but good things about them…check’m out

I bought a Perception Napali from them for an incredible price about a year ago. It was a good choice for a sit on top. They have very good prices on their used stuff, and pretty good on new too. Comparable to Jersey Paddler if you look them up as well. They were nice people to deal with, and I don’t think you’ll go wrong.

Speaking of Jersey Paddler, haven’t checked in the last week, but they had new Prowler 15’s going for just $550. Click on “Shop” on their home page, and then sit on tops. That is a super deal!