Wondering About a Shop's Reliability...

-- Last Updated: Jan-30-08 10:26 PM EST --

I still haven't decided on what kayak I'm gonna get, but I was wondering if anyone here has had experiences or knows of other's experiences with Bel Haven Paddlesports in New Jersey?
If I decide on a particular type of kayak, they may be the ones I end up going to to get a used version of that kayak due to their prices, and being that they're so far from me in Louisiana, I was wondering as to their customer satisfaction and reliability.
My thanks for any and all assistance y'all can give me.

Thumbs up on them
They have a wonderful reputation for pricing and service. I see where you said that you are in Louisiana, but if you were “local”, you could demo any of their boats in the lake that is right next to their store.


That’d be great to be able to demo them for sure, but they have pretty decent prices for a boat I’m considering, plus not to mention that the company that originally made them has transferred them to another one and its rather hard to find the originals.

Thanks for the help. I feel pretty reassured. If I do end up going with this boat, at least I can be assured of their reliability and integrity.

I second Jcamry
I’ve had very satisfactory dealing with Bel Haven and recommend them highly.