Wood canoe

I have a friend who offered to sell me his wooden canoe. About 15 years ago I know he had it professionally restored, but my recollection is that he told me that he had it repaired and then fiberglassed. All these years later he is telling me he had it repaired and recanvased at that time. He isn’t trying to be dishonest, age and time are a factor. I haven’t ever seen it, but when I go look at it I assume it will be easy to tell? I would love to add a wood canvas to my humble fleet. Thanks in advance for your wisdom.

  • Mike

It will probably be obvious.

all nice with wood canvas if it has not been fiberglassed
Its not akways obvious if the canvas is over the glass and then painted
The issue is if epoxy was used in glassing and the canoe ever needs new canvas it can’t be done without risking pulling some of the wood planking fibers out too

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