Wood Canvas Canoes...

Can anyone recommend a wood canvas canoe builder? I looking for a builder with a good reputaion that builds quality solo canoes. Thanks!

this might be useful…
Though this is not a recommendation, you might check out: http://www.wcha.org/buildsupply/index.html as it might help you locate a builder in your area, always best to be able to check out the canoe(s) in person.

there are quite a few builders. i was hoping someone with actual experience would reply.

Stewart River has two very fine strictly solo designs for two different load capacities.


and Red River in Manitoba builds a Chestnut Fox, 14’ solo, a real traditional gem as well as several other freestyle designs.


Both are high quality builders.

canoe builders

Where do you live & how far are you willing to travel to pick up the canoe? I know of some builders with very good reputations in Canada & some parts of the US. Let me know & I’ll give you some names.


i’m in oregon. i’m open to some traveling to pick a canoe up. anyone you can recommend is helpful. email me if you want. thanks1

Some NW Builders

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You might have a look at Larry Bower's website. http://www.islandnet.com/~canoes/canoe.htm He is up in BC and his website lists a 12 foot solo. I've seen some of his canoes, and they are well done. The canoes of his that I've seen used a latex type filler, which he seems to have good luck with, though I do not like it as much as the more traditional silica based fillers.

I'm in Oregon as well and have been building WC for about 10 years, about one canoe a year. I happen to have a 15 1/2 footer for sale, it has some compression creases in a few of the ribs, so it may not be up to the quality you are looking for, but if you are interested you can check it out at: http://www.geocities.com/mferwerd/
It is the Springer Model. It also has a latex filler.

There is also Dick Cleveland in Klamath Falls area that does both strippers and a few W/C canoes. I think he builds only one design in W/C, a 16 footer. Very nice work also. Website: http://www.skylakescanoe.com/

Anyhow, hope you find the W/C canoe you are looking for.

W & C canoe builders

Unfortunately, the builders I’d recommend are on the eastern part of the US & Canada, quite a ways from Oregon. I’ll give them to you anyways. Rollin Thurlow & Jerry Stelmok are both very highly respected. In Canada, Pam Wedd & Will Ruch have the same reputation. They’re both north of Toronto. Another excellent builder in the Bristol Mountain area(Southern Tier of Upstate NY) is Pat Smith. I’ve seen boats from all these builders & wouldn’t hesitate on going with any of them. Would just depend who had the form for what I wanted. Sorry I couldn’t help out more. You’re better off posting your ? at the WCHA website. You’ll get more help over there on good builders in your area. Good luck on your search.