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I was given an old wood-canvas canoe that needs alot of restoration. Can someone suggest where I can get information on repairing this canoe? or has any reader done this before? The biggest problem is some of the gunwale is rotted and missing along with the ends at the stern and bow. The canvas is exposed with no wood supports.


Try This:

That’s the URL for the Wood Canoe Heritage Association. I’m sure the good folks at WCHA will gladly answer your questions.

The Wood & Canvas Canoe
by Jerry Stelmok and Rollin Thurlow is all you need to know to build or restore a W&C canoe. About $20 from Amazon.com. Very complete discussion of the art of canoe building and restoration.

Someone once said somewhere: “Nothing, absolutely nothing paddles like a wood and canvas canoe”.

What make/model you got?

Make and Model
The gentleman that I got it from didn’t know and I couldn’t find a plate it was dark by the time I got it. I will look it over better on the weekend and try to identify it.

This may help…
Look for a serial no. stamped in the stem in the bottom of the bow and/or the stern. Old Town and many other companies used to do this. Then go to the WCHA Forums, mentioned above and post the serial no. The folks over at the WCHA might be able to help ID it then. Also if you post a photo there, their historians may be able to ID it.

Good luck. Watch out. W/C canoes are addicting.

Look UP Ogilviespecial…
…here on p.net. He’s a W&C man who has several. He helped the Bob.com get his Chestnut restored. WW

Thanks For the Advice
arkay - for the great wcha.org web site - I’m living on it

pm_river_rat - the book is on order

wccanoe - for ID location ‘I FOUND IT’

wcha ID’ed it for me its 1906

OT Charles River

Thanks This too is a great web site.

Charles River

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Your Charles River is an "old" Old Town.

I finished restoring a 1914 Old Town Charles River 16 footer AA grade this past spring. It is a very nice paddling canoe and the mahogany trim looks great. Have fun.

There are some pictures of the Charles River ("Ideal" - AA Grade) restoration and some other wood canvas projects in my albums: