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A question foor wood canvas maintenence … does teh hull require anything special, wax, 303, etc to keep it protected and pleseant looking? I am picking my forst wood canvas up next week and was just wondering.



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Ah' never put anythin' on mine but marine enamel paint when needed (5-10 years or so) an' varnish up de woodwoyk waan needed. Matter o' fact iffin' yer do wax de hull it might prevent any paint fro' stickin' when yer do need ta paint in de futoor, so ah' woodn't.


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What W/C canoe are you buying?

It is a 10 year old American Traders “Trader”. I have been the only one to paddle it, it was in a garage for it’s entire life. It is a nice solo paddled leaned. I ahve heard a lot of bad press with these boats, but this one is built very well and paddles just wonerfuly. It is very simular in design to a Pal ( with a shallow arch) or a Penobscott.

I own a 1966 wood/canvas Chestnut Pal.

Had it restored shortly after I bought it about 7 years ago.

I give it a good rinsing inside & out with clean water after every use. Then I wipe it dry before storage. It is stored in my garage. That is all I do to it as far as maintenance.


A good coat of marine wax will make cleanup of pond scum easier and keep your ship ship shape.

All it will require is a wiping down then not a scrubbing.

Wax just makes clean up easier. If you paddle pristine waters you don’t need to worry about it.

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I’ll throw my 2 cents in as well.

There’s no real NEED for wax but as yellow canoe noted, it makes for easier cleanup.

One word of warning. DO NOT use “wax” containing silicone. Even the slightest trace of silicone will screw up a varnish or paint job when the time comes.

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Good to see another person Sees the Light.

WCHA!!! I use car wax, never had a problem. Makes washing off the lake crap easy.

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