Wood gunwales for Blue Hole Sunburst 1

I bought this boat in 1985 and paddled it extensively in the Southeast. We have toted it from place to place as we moved. I haven’t paddled it in many years and we are down-sizing in anticipation of retirement. I have offered it to a friend of mine. I pulled it out today and was dismayed that the outer gunwales are totally rotted. I knew one needed to be replaced a few years ago and found someone who could get me one. I have no idea who that was. So, to make a long story short, I now need both. I think I remember that they were ash. Does anyone have any ideas for my dilemma? I sure appreciate your help! Glad to have found this site!

If I recall correctly the Sunburst is 14’ 6" long. You ought to be able to get a 16 foot board in whatever species you desire. Any big city is going to have a hardwood supplier. Ash is what most people want and has been used as the go to gunnel wood for a long time. I don’t know about its availability now with the emerald ash borer situation. With all the quarantines its hard to get a log to a mill. Cherry is nice. I have used cypress recently and it worked well. My go to wood is dense-grain structural yellow pine. Tough as ash and available in long straight clear boards.

Check with Eds Canoe: http://www.edscanoe.com/index.html

Thanks for the help!

I have some edscanoe.com parts due tomorrow. Michael or Ed’s who will be first?