Wood Paddle Repair Materials

I need to repair a couple of wood paddles with fiberglass cloth and epoxy. I have briefly searched the web for materials. Some sources offer wholesale quantities at discount prices – I don’t need 50 yards of cloth. Other sites (paddling outlets)offer patch kits with highly inflated prices – may not have enough cloth or enough resin. Is there a place where I can buy quantities I need at reasonable prices?

West Marine
Whenever I have small project I go to West Marine. There might be a similar marine store in your area. They have bulk cloth on a roll you can buy at the store. Your still stuck with buying containers of resin, but you’ll use it eventually.

Try The Yellow Pages…
…under Fiberglass Materials - that’s where our local small shop, OP Fiberglass, is found. Also check Fiberglass Fabricators…

West Marine
Thanks! This will meet the need:


Go to the “Paint and Maintenance” page

Repair materials
I use Jamestown Distributors in RI or Sweet Composites in MD. Saves my wasting a half day driving to 3-4 of the clothing stores that masquerade as Marine Centers.

Orders from Jamestown arrive here in CT the next day. Sweet has a very good web site explaining materials in plain language.


Sweet Composites
Sweet! Gold star to you Dave. Thanks!



Prices very competitive
Anybody know what weight of fiberglass cloth would be best for paddle repair? I have read that some paddle makers cover their paddles with 4 oz. cloth.

Check Home Depot
They sell 9 oz cloth in small packages and they used to sell Everfix epoxy in quart kits. They’ll be in the paint department in the aisle with all the other adhesives.