wood strip kayak

I am interested in building a wood strip kayak.

Before investing the time and money I would like

to paddle it, but that probably won’t happen.

I currently paddle a Prijon Calibria. I would

like the strip kayak to be 12’ to 16’ with less

volume then the Calibria. Used mainly lakes and

some ocean. Any ideas?

Might try
I’d try posting this at www.kayakforum.com. It’s the place the builders hang out, and you’ll get lots of informed opinions there.

i’d look at some john winters
designs. he has a great reputation and his boats are relatively pure and straightforward, without quirks

testing a woodstrip
You might want to post this interest at


There are many builders who meet throughout the country…and it seems that kayak builders as a whole are rather friendly folks…and might be more than happy to let you test out a strip kayak. For instance…on Fathers Day weekend near Groton, CT…there will be a ‘Meet at the Beach’ sponsored by Nick Schade (Guillemot Kayaks)…where you will see at least 50-75 wooden kayaks of all designs.



Be sure to take a look at Outer-Island
kayak. Great design.

I agree
Mr. Winters designs are very good. Look at the Caspian Sea and the Tasman Sea at this site.


These models might be available to test paddle in their glass versions from Swift canoe Company.

They really are great designs, but…
… I’m not sure they qualify as boats with “less volume”, which was something charlied requested.

Jim Kozel built a beautiful Caspian Sea


and noted that it’s a twin of the QCC 400. As was discussed in another post recently (and as I can attest) that’s a pretty good sized kayak.







Most companies will send you the names of any owners/builders in your area.

Caspian Sea
I will try and find a QCC400 or

Swift Caspian Sea to paddle. I have

ordered the plans and will build, but

would like a test paddle. Thanks for the