Wood strip kayaks

Any ideas on what would be the best kit for a rec/touring yak? Nothing over 16’ or so.

I like the looks of the Georgian Bay though it is a little over 16’.

I searched the archives and found the person inquiring about any experience with Laughing Loon kayaks and it didn’t appear anyone had any at that time. Anyone built or paddled one since?

You wouldn’t go wrong with anything Rob Macks designs. Good solid boats all around. But, you really should demo one if you can before you spend the $$$ building.

If you live anywhere near Connecticut, check out http://www.kayakforum.com/meet.html Laughing Loon will be there, as well as Guillemot Kayaks, Sea Spirit Kayaks, and Outer Island Kayak. You get to try a bunch of boats & see what can be done at home. You also get to talk to the designers & get their input. Great time.


Redfish Spring Run?

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Your side of the country, might be easier to find one to try out.

Guillemot Great Auk 14?

when it comes to strip you’re making it,so a lot of what’s best is your work. You’ll get more direct contact with builders at www.kayakforum.com

Try Noah’s Marine?
Noah’s Marine has the Georgian Bay kit. I’ve never done business with them. Maybe someone out there has and can comment.