Wooden canoe trim & hardware

What size hardware do you suggest for bolting in the thwarts and seat for a stich & glue solo canoe? 10-24 or 1/4 -20?

The ash gunwales sandwich the edge of the plywood(marine grade) at the sheer. I was planning on just an oil finish for the gunwales, but will that be enough protection for the plywood edge? It’ll be a daytripper, stored indoors.

#10 machine screws
My Osprey(Swift) and Independence(Mad River) both have # 10 machine screws for hanging the seats and thwarts.

IIRC the Osprey has 10-32s. I’m not certain of the threads on the Indy.


I’ll second
the #10 screws. 1/4-20 is way overkill.