Wooden Paddles

I’m looking for suggestions on wooden paddles.

Inexpensive, decent quality. Brand names would be helpful.

Big Mac

PS if anyone has some to give away please email me

I’m broke!!!

Mitchell Paddles: Excellent paddles, small family business that knows paddles. Not inexpensive but they feel great in the hand and perform beatifully. Some really great wood/carbon combinations but we’re getting way outside the cheap zone with these.



For straight shafts: I found some nice ones at galyans. 25 bucks and it has lasted 2 seasons.

Bent shaft: I have 2 wenonah Quetico paddles made for them by Grey Owl. They are quite nice and ran about 60 bucks.

If you have few hand tools…
…you can make a Greenland paddle for around twenty bucks.

Old Town Canoe makes a couple of decent paddles for around 30 bucks. There is a certain joy in a really good paddle though, it’s what you interact with the most on a trip. Your hands are in constant contact with it so get one that is comfortable.

Good Luck,


I like my Grey Owl. Not terribly expensive–around $70.