Woods Mason Canoe Pack ?

yes, another canoe pack question. Does anyone have or have used the Woods Mason Canoe Pack? I can’t find the dimensions for it online and am curious about the size and quality. Thanks for any wisdom. Again.

I have one
of the Woods Mason canoe packs. It is not in front of me right now, but I would say it is roughly equal to a 3.5 duluth pack. I have used it a couple of times as the primary food pack for BWCAW trips, carrying up to about 75 pounds at the beginning of each trip. So far, I have been happy with the build quality and it has held up to being hung in trees as a bear bag. It has several useful cloth handles in strategic places and a roll-type bag enclosure (kind of like a dry bag) at the top that the top flap folds over and secures with 3 quick release buckles. It is fairly water resistant, but don’t count on the cordura-type material being waterproof. There are 2 water bottle type pockets with drawstrings on the sides (one on each side) that can be used to hold fuel bottles or water bottles, an outside pocket that get covered by the main pack flap, and another pocket inside the pack. In addition, i find the shoulder straps pretty comfortable and it has a pretty nice hip belt. I bought mine at Galyan’s (before being bought out by Dick’s) for about $70 US. I feel like it was good value for that money.

Woods Mason Canoe Pack

I have never used one but I have seen them. They are of very good quality. It is a good company with good stuff.

6700 cubic inches capacity makes it somewhere between the size of a #3 & #4 Duluth Pack.