Woody debris removal techniques

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Curious to find new links, references, info, etc.

Here is one for starters :

When an entire tree of large diameter falls,
chainsaw into large sections,
use "dead man" type anchors,
sometimes called "duckbill type" anchors
and cable tie the logs into the riverbank.

looks like a good resource
Obviously a lot of reading there, and I just skimmed through it, but it appears to make some good points.

Unfortunately, wood debris in a stream creates a “habitat” not only for fish and other desirable life forms, but for floating garbage thrown, or otherwise introduced, into the stream.

There is no doubt that logjams can present a safety hazard on streams used for recreational boating, but the article makes a good point. Often people clearing jams do much more than is necessary to create a safe, navigable channel.

It is also easy to overlook what will happen to floating woody debris once released from a jam. I have seen instances in which downed trees which really weren’t presenting a hazard or obstacle were released only to float downstream and hang up at points at which they did. When this potential exists,either leaving the debris undisturbed or tethering the larger debris seems logical.

Woody Debris Meeting; Gunpowder
The park folks at Gunpowder State Park alerted GBCC to a meeting on Woody Debris in the river. GBCC will likely have some club members in attendance, and I’ve sent them the link to the WD pdf.

I asked the Park for an Agenda for the meeting, but have not received. What do you think they are going to say?

I’m wondering if the fishermen have suggested they release a flash of water to flush out WD. It’s a dam regulated river, so almost never gets a natural surge in flow.

Regardless, it was nice of them to think of asking the Club.


Army Corp Engineers

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U. S. Army Corps of Engineers:
A booklet is supposed to be online this spring from the Detroit Office
- entitled “Field Manual on Maintenance of Large Woody Debris
for Municipal Operation and Maintenance Crews”.
My guess it would apply well towards a paddling club

good paper
I enjoyed the Rochester report. Lot’s of info on the value of debris to ecosystems.

Other references

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There are literally dozens of others available :
Key words: riparian, woody debris, debris control