Work area?

Has anyone ever seen a work platform or some kind of tray that will attach to a thwart so that I can attach tackle box on it? This way it is right out in front of me rather than down in the bilge of my canoe. Or should I just build one.

Send you minds.

I have seen one advertised in the Boundary Waters Journal. It is not shown in the current issue. I can look in old issues for the advertisement if you don’t have access to them.

I do not have access. I will try to find the Journal on the net. Thanks again.

Check out

I believe they have something and I think Piragis sells the same thing.

I looked at boths sites…
but couldn’t find it. You wouldn’t happen to know what the name of it is. Thanks for the help.

I will look in an old magazine tonight and find the web address.


Web address

I know nothing about the platform other than seeing the advertisement. Hope this helps your search.

I believe bell canoe
I believe you should take a look at Bell canoe , their Angler canoe has a work station that could work or you could duplicate something similar yourself.