Work Decks

I don’t hear much talk about kayak work decks. Anyone here use one or have any comments on them? Specifically I’m looking at one for a Walden Vista, but any general comments would help.

“Paddle” and “work” in the same item?
Something VERY wrong with that!!! :slight_smile:

I never said paddle, haha…

Work Decks
I have two OT workdecks that I use on a couple of rec yaks I fish out of. (Perception Sierra and Dagger Bayou) They have a large zippered mesh pocket at the front and two smaller ones and a drink holder near the back. Real handy for having fishing gear at your fingertips. My wife likes to carry camera gear, sunscreen, etc in them when she paddles.

Don’t expect it to shed water like a spray skirt. Instead of cold water coming into the boat over the front edge of the cockpit rim, it runs along the workdeck and then dumps into your lap!

Got one too
Bought it from a friend of Dirty Ed’s in fact.

I’ve only used it a few times, but found it to be very handy for small objects. I repacked some of my most often used tackle into smaller packages so that they’d fit into the work deck. It saves me from reaching waaaayyy up to the front deck in a kayak with a huge cockpit. It’s handy. Unlike Dirty Ed, though, I’ve found that it does catch the drips. Unfortunately, it catches them in the drink holder and surrounds my drink with warm river water, which is not helpful.

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If OT, I Reccomend Modification
Had an OT Predator (Traded it for a canoe last fall) and was concerned about the possibility of entrapment if the kayak capsized with the work deck strapped on. I modified the rear attachments by sewing velcro to the straps and putting velcro strips on the boat so it would tear away if I “Turned turtle.” Actually worked better than before, because it also made PLANNED entry and exit easier too, since the straps were easy to remove. WW

I saw one make from plywood on a Keowee that was pretty interesting. It was made in two pieces with a raised piece at the rear to deflect drips and splashes. The front part was fastened to the coaming and the back part was hinged to the front and held by gravity. A rail with rounded top edges went across the back. Velcro strips were placed on the deck to attach various objects. There was a strip of vinyl across the hinges to keep water out. The vinyl may have actually been the hinge. I think he used 3/8" varnished plywood and had some weather stripping where it contacted the coaming.