work on wooden kayak

Does anyone in the Harrisburg, Pa area work on wooden kayaks? I have a strip built kayak with a cockpit that needs to be larger for me to paddle it. It is 17x31 now and needs to expand to app 19x34. Thanks for your help. Barry

You could check with Blue Mountain Outfitters over in Marysville. I don’t know if that is something they would do, but if not they would probably know some folks you could talk to.


You will likely find someone in your area to help you.

wooden canoe heritage association
There are at least two chapters of the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association in PA, including one in Shippensburg:

I have seen their displays and talked to them at the Lake Arthur annual regatta north of Pittsburgh every year and there have been strip and stitch-and-glue wooden kayaks built by members on display in recent years. You might be able to locate a craftsman/woman through them with expertise in that sort of modification.