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ok - without trying to get the pnet police involved - and disturb the peace and quiet of some cubicles - here is a question.

for those “working” (instruction/guiding/etc) out of kayak - if you could have 1 boat - what length/width would it be, what material, what color, what hull shape -


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When I was going to the big Great Lakes Sea Kayak Symposium(heavy BCU orientation) in Michigan a few years ago, I saw a lot of instructors in Romanys and Explorers. Usually standard layup. Didn't notice any pattern about the colors.

Haven't been to any big gatherings of instructors since.

What I got from talking to them was that they wanted something with a deck that'd stand up to a gazillion t-rescues, responsive enough to turn in small areas(and make it easy to demo strokes and maneuvers for the class), big enough to hold first-aid, repair, rescue and shelter gear, and stable enough to be a good rescue platform.

I can never afford
more than one boat at a time.

Flavor of the Day - Explorer off Craigslist

Just one
QCC 400X off craigslist

Tempest 170
Rotomold. My ‘working’ boats need to hold up to lots of abuse. Color - orange.

Hard to Come By
I heard that finding that perfect orange T-170 is pretty tough. It takes patience, timing, persistence, etc. I hope it worked out for you… :wink:


OK to be politically correct,it is probably Mango.We had 6 of them at one time. Don’t know if the boss bought 'em that way or if it is what Wilderness shipped us. In any case, if you’re going to beat the crap out a guide boat, it might as well be orange!

Zephyr 16
Roto as well, needs to stand up to alot of abuse, dropped by students etc…

Zephyr 16 Orange

NDK Explorer
Just made by Craig Greenham of Eastern Island Kayaks, or someone that does great glass work.

That said the Explorer is it.