Working with mini-cell foam

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My kayak has no foot pegs. Intead the front bulkhead was installed in a custom location and minicell is used to build it up to the correct location to fit my leg length. I need to customize the foam a bit to fit me better. I would like to cut a 2" slab of mini cell (that will be cut in the shape of the bulkhead) in half the long way but on a slight angle or taper. The idea is to end up with the final slab of foam having a 15 degree angle for comfort. Does anyone have a suggestion how I could make a nice straight angle cut like this through a large (size of bulkhead) piece of minicell?

A simpler method…
…is to just add foot-sized wedges of foam to a flat bulkhead pad. Splay them out at the same angle that your feet naturally do. This also gives you a little room in between to stretch out slightly.

My way…
After cutting out the BH shape I would draw a guide line around the foam and use an electric carving knife (if you can sneak one out of the kitchen) plus the longest serrated kitchen knife available and then sand it smooth.

It is worth the work.

plywood jig
3 side channel holding minicell, cut angle formed with channel side’s height…screw minicell in with long drywall screws

find a long saw blade.

there’s a choice here: cut to fit with sized saw blade or divide block areas to fit saw blade.

I’m not finding what I want to see in McCarr that is a bow saw blade.

Idea here is a bow saw blade…from band saw or ? …

turned 90 degrees as in a hack saw may work your block.

The idea is obvious so it exists if not now then 100 years ago.

flexible materials require jigs.

there’s a need for developing a jig attitude…before cutting build the jig

A good band-saw works about as good as anything. If you don’t have one, you might check with your friends, or find a wood shop that might do the cutting for you. Some kayak shops have a band-saw, because they deal with foam all the time.

I have a friend who has a good band
saw. But this cut would require roughly 15 inches of exposed blade - can a band saw fit that?

X’s two
That is what I use.

tilt your table to get the angle.

It cuts it as smooth as butter

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A electric knife works great.