working with minicell

What’s the best adhesive for gluing minicell to a poly kayak? I’m thinking of putting a thin sheet (maybe 3/16" or 1/4") of minicell between my footbraces to cushion the back of my heels. After a few hours of paddling they start to get tender (I have bony heels). I was thinking just of laying a sheet there without gluing it, but I don’t know how well it will stay in place.


I Have A Better Solution…

– Last Updated: May-16-05 9:35 AM EST –

Works for me and no glue is involved.

Get a foam block and rest your calves / ankles on it as you paddle. Your heels don't even touch the boat. When the pressure of your ankle or calf on the block gets a little uncomfortable in one spot, just shift the block forward or backward an inch or two. It's very comfortable for long distances.

Give it a try.

heel pad
The first couple years that I paddled I had the same discomfort and I glued a peice of an old mouse pad to the inside heel of my paddling shoes. This worked well and now I don’t need anything. If you do glue a pad to the inside of your kayak, make sure to sand the area that you will be applying the glue to help it make a good bond.

minicel won’t last
I ttried minicel heel pads and quickly wore through them. Adding a layer of thin neoprene(fabric side up) seemed to solve the abrasion problem.

do you wear shoes when you paddle?
Was it your bare feet that wore down the minicell? I almost never wear footwear while paddling, so it seems that minicell would last pretty well. Although the softness of neoprene does sound appealing. I also like the idea of just using a foam block under my calves and ankles. The only potential problem is that my kayak is pretty tight in the bow, and I don’t know how much room I’ll have for my legs/feet and a foam block high enough to keep my heels off the bottom.

shoe grit
Good catch – it was the stiff bootie sole plus a bit of grit that chewed through the foam. You might not have that problem barefoot.

this is fine
until you are rushing upside down to shore in a pile of frothy waves. Then that foam is floating around in the cockpit, and perhaps preventing you from making good contact with either, the footbraces, the hip pads, or your seat!