Workout Routines

Workout routines are what exercises, how many sets, how many reps etc. that you do for each muscle. For example, 3 sets of the flat bench press, 3 sets on the incline bench press, and 2 sets of flat bench dumbell flyes is an example of one of the many chest weightlifting workout routines.


Workout Routines

What are your activity-specific

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personal goals/objective outcomes?

Are you asking other paddlers a question about paddling specific exercises/activites?

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It's difficult to tell based on your personal profile and the information that you supply in your OP.

Not sure what was meant here?
Workouts for canoeing?

Pretty easy though: put the paddle in the water, paddle, repeat.

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Cooks well, without added fat NM

concept 2 20 mins

stationary bike 20 mins

18 Nautilus machines circuit training 15 reps

1 1/2 hrs 3 times/wk at least followed by hot tub and steam room.

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