World's Watery End -- Hey, Just Surf!!!

I know we still have deniers here. I happen to be a believer. But, if Boston is going under water, which it has with each big nor’easter, I say “Eff it!” I might as well get some awesome surf sessions in . :wink:

Cowabunga, into the watery grave!


I can’t speak for the east coast, but there has been no rise in either sea level, nor water temperature here on the west coast.

This week in Boston we experienced a 54 temperature range, probably more if you factor in wind chill, in only a matter of days.
I’ve got my big double all packed up in the back yard, pointed northwest, ready to head for higher ground.

My phd civil engineer friend tells me that some coasts are rising ground and some are sinking ground. He points out that water levels is not the only factor. Plate techtonics (sp) also play a big part on sea levels along the coast.

Sea levels rise and fall every day. The climate changes from time to time and I seriously doubt that anything we try to stop either will work. Right now we’re having a very moderate winter here in the Pacific Nothwest–possibly the driest January on record and that works for me. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if February is dry also.

Always good to remember that weather & climate are different things. Related but different. Climate indicators tend more towards permafrost boundaries & northern/southern boundaries for indicator species.