worm hatch in keys

we just had the annual paola(spllg) worm hatch here and the day after the full moon was insane! for as far as I could see the inshore water turned orange with the fuzzy orange critters and literally thousands of tarpon showed up. the bull sharks were crashing the tarpon and they looked like minnows busting out of the water.100 lb minnows that is.lasted about an hour then it settled down. unfortunatly I was on my way back from work and didn’t have my pipe cleaner lure with me,so just contented myself with watching.

You Are Living Large Down There
I have to admit I envey you. Not too many places I would rather be than were I am, but the Keys are one…

that sounds incredible. I visited the Keys on my honeymoon last year for the first time. I will go back.

strange ,we go to N.C for vacation
and go to costa rica every april (west coast) which makes the keys look like a dump. But yes, life here is nice.